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About Ajax

Ajax was purchased as a baby by a woman. When Ajax reached maturity, he began to scream. The woman became so frustrated with Ajax that she would hit the sides of the cage with a broom handle. When Ajax arrived at Parrots First his stainless steel cage was dented in many places from the abuse.

Why Sponsor Ajax?

Ajax is fearful of humans as a result of his abuse. He is doing very well as part of a Macaw flock but will not be adopted out. Sponsorship enables Parrots First to continue to give Ajax the life that he now enjoys with other Macaws.

Sponsor Ajax

Ajax loves to chew and destroy wood. he loves hanging out on rope perches.

Ajax’s Favorite Things

Ajax loves to chew and destroy wood. He loves hanging out on rope perches. He likes his new Macaw friends who have no problem with his vocalizations.

How to Sponsor Ajax ($55 per month or $660 per year)

Payment can be made either through monthly installments or one-time donations, and you can stop sponsorship at any time. Once your sponsorship is processed, Parrots First will mail you a Certificate of Sponsorship with a picture and short biography of the sponsored bird. You will also be provided with periodic updates on your sponsored bird. Parrots First also welcomes non-cash donations of treats and toys for your sponsored bird.

  1. Go to Network for Good, which is the online payment portal for Parrots First (Network for Good will allow you to donate using PayPal if you prefer).

  2. Indicate that you are sponsoring Ajax in the “Designation” field. If your sponsorship is a gift for someone else, please indicate the name of the recipient in the “Dedication or Gift” field.


Other Parrots First Sponsorship Program Policies

Parrots First and its Board of Directors shall have sole discretion to disperse Sponsorship funds for the care of the specified bird (care includes, but is not limited to, veterinary expenses, food, supplies, or other expenses). Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by State and Federal Law.

Email for questions and comments.


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